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As a specialised Payroll and Workforce Management consultancy, we are committed to providing comprehensive support for all your organisation’s critical workforce management, payroll compliance, system implementation and support needs.  

How can we help?

Whether you require:

  • A Payroll Health Check to review your systems and processes;
  • Clarity around how you pay your staff with the ability to map specific clauses, to Awards and Enterprise Agreements;
  • Uplift in the capacity or capability of your team for major system overhauls;

Our passionate and dedicated team of workforce management, Project and Payroll experts are equipped to handle any project, regardless of size or complexity.

Trust us to deliver an exceptional tailored solution to your specific requirements, that meets your true needs and expectations whilst ensuring the smooth, efficient and compliant management of your workforce.

Payroll Advisory

Our Payroll Advisory and Compliance Services are a one-stop solution for all your payroll needs. Our comprehensive services include Payroll Health Checks, ensuring the accuracy and compliance of your payroll processes and systems, identifying areas for improvement. Count on us for a seamless Payroll Compliant Audit to provide spot checks of your historical payroll and identify potential areas of risk. Then remedy those finding via our Payroll Remediation Services.

Trust us with your payroll advisory needs, and experience smooth operations and peace of mind. 

We partner with you to take your projects from the beginning through to accomplishment. We can also jump in along the way to give you the project assurance that key artifacts have been designed to drive compliance, best practice and alignment to your future state processes. This ensures that your project stays on track and potential bumps along the way have been mitigated against.

Our record of achievement across many high-profile and high-risk projects and recoveries qualifies us to know the right formula for the delivery of your project. We can also support you across the entire project lifecycle, utilising our refined skills in Business Analysis, Test management all the way to Change Management driving adoption throughout the organisation. 

Project Delivery

Payroll Processing Services



We support you with Payroll Business Continuity: short-term tailored payroll processing support when you need it most. Mitigate against unexpected leave and resignations within your payroll team. We’ll embed into your organisation as an extension of your Payroll Processing function and handle everything from basic payroll processing to more complex BAU payroll services. 

Our Agreement Visualisation tool lets you share simplified information on how your people can expect to be paid. Allowing your HR/Payroll team to easily understand how staff should be paid, enabling internal consensus around how and what your people are paid.

A first-of-its-kind approach and technology unlike any other, Agreement Visualisation helps your organisation take back control, ensure internal alignment for one of your most critical functions, and helps support long-term success. 

Agreement Visualisation

Payroll Compliance Calendar

Our compliance calendar is an essential tool for payroll professionals, highlighting crucial dates, public holidays, ATO, and STP deadlines. It helps keep payroll operations organised and compliant with all regulatory requirements, proving indispensable for maintaining excellence in payroll management.

No business is the same and as such, no engagement is ever the same. We actively listen to tailor a unique service and support options grounded in our many years of experience to help you reach your project goals, mitigate risk and ultimately, have confidence in paying your people correctly. 

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