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You know that robust management and oversight of your Payroll is a critical component of your organisation’s success, but managing and overseeing your company’s payroll can be a complex and time-consuming task. Our array of payroll advisory, process/system review, improvement and compliance audit services help make managing payroll process and system compliance a simple, efficient and streamlined process. 

Our Payroll Advisory & Compliance Services are designed to help you gain better visibility into the inner workings of your Payroll operation, identify areas for improvement, understanding and aligning to best practices to reduce risk and optimise systems and processes.


This includes:
  • Reduced risk of non-compliance with government regulations;
  • Ensuring alignment to a valid interpretation of the relevant Modern Award/s, EA, EBA.
  • Streamlined payroll operations that align with your business objectives;
  • Improved accuracy and validation of payroll calculations and reporting;
  • Boosted efficiency and productivity within your payroll department, to align with industry best practices; and
  • Cost reductions through improved payroll processes, technology advancements, and effective vendor management.

Unlock Payroll Excellence

At Payroll Experts Australia, we offer a comprehensive suite of Expert Advisory and Consulting Services to ensure your organisation’s payroll management is in top shape. Our range of services are outlined below and include:

  1. Payroll Health Check;
    • Process Review
    • Systems Review
  2. Payroll Compliance Audit;
  3. Payroll Remediation; and
  4. Technology Go To Market / Procurement Advisory

With the Advisory & Consulting Services provided by Payroll Experts Australia, you can be confident that your workforce management and payroll functions are managed proficiently, ensuring excellence, compliance, and efficiency within your organisation.

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    Payroll Health Check – Process Review

    Unlock the Potential of Your Payroll and Time & Attendance Processes with our Payroll Health Check 

    Are you confident that your organisation’s Payroll and Time & Attendance processes are running smoothly? Are they in line with industry best practices? Discover the power of our Payroll Health Check—a game-changing evaluation that assesses the health of your operations and uncovers opportunities for process improvement. 

    Gain Unparalleled Insights into Your Payroll and Time & Attendance Operations 

    Our Payroll Health Check goes beyond surface-level assessments. We meticulously analysing your processes to determine compliance levels and benchmark against industry standards. With our expertise and cutting-edge evaluation, we dive deep into your techniques to provide a clear overview of the health of your Payroll and Time & Attendance operations. 

    Identify Risks and Issues with Precision 

    Don’t let hidden risks and issues derail your payroll efficiency and compliance. Our Payroll Health Check delivers a detailed report that highlights any existing risks or issues within your processes. The report includes a dynamic heat map, visually representing the criticality and urgency of identified areas for improvement. You’ll gain a crystal-clear understanding of your priorities and where to focus your efforts. 

    Actionable Findings for Tangible Results 

    We don’t just stop at assessment. Our Payroll Health Check equips you with actionable findings that you can implement immediately. Armed with a thorough understanding of the current state of your Payroll and Time & Attendance processes, you’ll have the tools to drive positive change and optimise efficiency, compliance, and team performance. 

    Unlock the Benefits of the Payroll Health Check 

    • Enhanced Efficiency: Uncover inefficiencies and streamline your Payroll and Time & Attendance processes, saving time, resources, and costs. 
    • Robust Compliance: Identify and mitigate process related compliance risks, ensuring your organisation meets all legal requirements and industry regulations. 
    • Process adherence: Our Payroll Audit helps ensure that established processes and procedures are being consistently followed, so you can be confident that your payroll continues to run smoothly and efficiently and is compliant. 
    • Team Development Opportunities: Unleash the potential of your team by pinpointing areas for skill development and training, fostering professional growth and job satisfaction. 
    • Error Minimisation: By addressing critical issues and implementing best practices, you’ll significantly reduce the occurrence of costly payroll errors. 

    Experience the Transformation Today 

    Don’t settle for subpar Payroll and Time & Attendance operations. Take the first step toward optimisation by leveraging our Payroll Health Check. Uncover hidden opportunities, mitigate risks, and empower your organisation with data-driven insights and actionable recommendations. 

    Ready to unlock improved efficiency, compliance, and team performance? Contact us now to schedule your comprehensive Payroll Health Check and embark on a transformative journey to excellence. 

    Payroll Health Check – Systems Review

    Our Payroll Systems Review is designed to provide comprehensive and actionable insights into the health of your system configuration and setup. Ensuring alignment to your organisations ways of working as well as a valid interpretation of the industrial instruments governing how your people are paid. 

    Through our Payroll Systems Review, you will receive:

    • Compliance Assurance: Our systems review helps ensure your organisation stays up-to-date with the latest payroll regulations and alignment to Fair Work Australia Updates. Helping you can minimise the risk of costly compliance breaches. 
    • Detection of Setup Risks and Configuration Issues: We provide an unbiased detection of setup risks and configuration issues. Aiding you to proactively address them and close any potential compliance gaps. 
    • Expert Advice and Support: Our review provides you with expert advice, recommendations, and support to remedy your system configuration. Thus, eliminating compliance risks and ensuring alignment to your best practice payroll processes that we’ve previously helped identify and solidify within your business. 

    The Benefits of our Payroll System Review

    1. Gain Confidence in your System – Identify potential anomalies and errors in your current system configuration. Particularly if the system hasn’t been proactively maintained with strict change control processes clearly documented and evident across the life of the solution. 
    2. Compliance Assurance – Payroll regulations are complex and constantly changing. A payroll system review can help ensure that your system configuration is compliant with all relevant laws and regulations, ensuring your people are correctly paid and reducing the risk of personal liability.
    3. Risk Mitigation

    Payroll errors can lead to employee dissatisfaction and potential legal issues. A payroll system review can help mitigate these risks by ensuring that your system has an accurate and compliant configuration based on a valid interpretation of your Modern Award, Enterprise Agreement, etc.

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    Payroll Compliance Audit

    Managing the complexities of payroll can be adaunting task, especially when even the most minor errors can have costly consequences. Staying on top of ever-changing regulations and maintaining an efficient payroll operation is crucial for any organisation. At Payroll Experts Australia, we understand the challenges you face, which is why we offer our game-changing Payroll Compliance Audit to give you peace of mind.

    Comprehensive Insights to ensure a Compliance Payroll

    Our Payroll Compliance Audit is designed to investigate historical pay period/s. We then provide comprehensive, actionable insights into the health and overall compliance of how you have paid your people. With our Payroll Compliance Audit you can expect:

    • Compliance Assurance: Our audit provides the confidence that your organisation is paying your people correctly. (e.g. based on a valid interpretation of the relevant Award/EA) Ensuring it stays up-to-date with the latest payroll regulations and legal opinion, so you can minimise the risk of costly compliance breaches.
    • Detection of Risks and Issues (potential underpayments/overpayments): The historical spot checks include tailored payroll reconciliation services, unbiased detection of potential risks and issues around how you pay. This then allows you to proactively address them through remediation activities and prevent exacerbating future payroll compliance challenges.
    • Expert Payroll and Legal Advice: Our Payroll Compliance Audit can provide you with expert advice, recommendations, and support for any required future remediation activities for impacted employees.

    Don’t let concerns about your payroll hold your organisation back. Embrace our Payroll Compliance Audit and gain the confidence that what you pay your people is compliant and clearly aligned to Fair Work Australia. With our comprehensive insights of Modern Awards and expert guidance from payroll and legal practitioners, you’ll achieve compliance, efficiency, and peace of mind.

    Take the first step toward payroll excellence. Contact us now to learn more about our tailored  Payroll Compliance Audit and embark on a journey to greater confidence, compliant, error-free payroll operations—Trust Payroll Experts Australia to be your partner in success.

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    Payroll Remediation

    Our Payroll Reconciliation and Remediation Service is designed to initially identify and subsequently address underpayments in your organisation. Ensuring compliance against a valid interpretation of the relevant Modern Award/s, minimum pay rates and entitlements for your employees. When a comparison reveals discrepancies between payment methodologies and processed payments, our specialised service comes to the rescue. 

    What’s Involved: 

    • Award Interpretation: Our team will utilise our extensive knowledge of Award interpretation to determine what your organisation’s employees were entitled to be paid. This also includes our ability to leverage legal advice on your behalf. 
    • Payroll Data Comparison: We will compare the payroll data of what has been paid against the minimum pay and entitlements that were required for each employee. Through this exercise, we will identify any underpayments. 
    • Underpayment Calculation: For each employee, we will calculate the underpayment dollar value based on the identified discrepancies between the processed payments and entitlements. 
    • Data Insights: We provide valuable data insights on the organisation’s underpayments, enabling you to understand the scope and magnitude of the issue, complete with detailed data traceability across the historical review period.
    • Communication Plan: We may assist your organisation in developing a comprehensive communication plan to inform and advise the relevant employees about the historical payroll challenge, steps taken to accurately calculate entitlements and rectify.

    The outcome of our Payroll Remediation service includes the determination of underpayment amounts for each employee. Providing valuable data insights on your organisation’s underpayments across a historical period and assisting with a communication plan to transparently inform affected employees of historical challenges. Rely on us for meticulous, confident, and transparent resolution of your payroll correction needs.

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    Technology Go To Market / Procurement Advisory

    Our Go-To-Market (GTM) service offers a comprehensive selection and evaluation process. It will cover everything from the development of Business and Functional Requirements, a Market Scan and Vendor selection, to providing an end-to-end GTM solution for your HR/T&A/Payroll needs. 

    Typically, our Go-To-Market service is engaged after an organisation has undergone a thorough Payroll Process and System Review to identify areas for improvement and ensure that the selection process aligns with their business goals. 

    Our T&A/Payroll Vendor Selection Service supports the successful selection of the vendor that meets your organisation’s unique needs and requirements. The outcomes of our Vendor Selection Service includes: 

    • A thorough and detailed requirements document that outlines the features and capabilities needed in a payroll vendor for your organisation; 
    • A shortlist of vendors that meet your requirements, gathered through a Market Scan process that uses our Evaluation Criteria to assess vendor offerings; 
    • A relevant Request for Proposal (RFP) response to help you solicit proposals from vendors; 
    • A Procurement Plan that outlines the steps we will use to select a vendor that meets your requirements; and 
    • An in-depth Evaluation Report that provides you with a detailed overview of the vendor selection process. This will include scores and insights on each vendor that was evaluated. 

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