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The HOAP® Difference

Payroll Experts Australia embrace a different, more modern form of project management –  a hybrid of traditional and agile principles.   It is for this reason we founded HOAP®.  HOAP® is one of our significant value-adds.  HOAP® (pronouced ‘hope’) stands for Holistic Organisational Agility Patterns. 

HOAP® is a set of patterns derived from our learnings through years of successful delivery experience. We don’t just do and forget, we do, reflect, learn and implement changes every time we work – this forms our HOAP® methodology and and is what sets us apart in the field. We are often asked what makes us different.  Why our approach is ‘better’ or ‘novel’. The answer is simple, our difference is underpinned by HOAP®.

The HOAP® framework allows us to show value and return on investment within four weeks of engagement.  HOAP® guarantees satisfaction and is delivered incrementally until optimal outcomes are achieved.

Ultimately, when you engage with us, you are guaranteed to be getting the learnings, wisdom and experience of each one of our consultants from every delivered engagement through the decade we have been in business.  It doesn’t get better than that!

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