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Eliminate uncertainty and risk when it comes to understanding your Awards or Enterprise Agreements with the revolutionary Payroll Standard® tool, the first of its kind.

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The Payroll Standard® tool takes the guesswork out of how to interpret your Enterprise Agreements or Awards.  Make the payroll process easy and consistent for your payroll team, and ensure your workforce can understand easily that they’re being remunerated correctly.  Let us help you with our Agreement Visualisation Service to interpret your Awards or Agreements.

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Our Agreement Visualisation (AV) Service simplifies Enterprise Agreement and Award management using the Payroll Standard® Tool.  This custom solution streamlines the process, facilitating easy testing and configuration of your workforce management systems. Achieve streamlined understanding and improved efficiency with our Agreement Visualisation Service.  Let us help you define your business rules and implement these in the Payroll Standard® tool.

You will be provided an intuitive visual mapping of your organisation’s Agreement or Award details.  As a result, users are empowered with an understandable interpretation of Awards, Agreements and pay rules that lead to better compliance in payroll.

AV is the key to your payroll department having a reliable source of truth for payments for your business.  Our service ensures accurate payments, prevents errors and wage theft, and enhances operational efficiency for organisations, thus reducing your payroll compliance risk and regulatory exposure.

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