Payroll compliance is a critical aspect of any organisation’s operations. Ensuring that employees are paid accurately and in accordance with labour laws and regulations is not only a legal requirement but also crucial for maintaining employee trust and satisfaction. However, many companies face challenges in their Time & Attendance (T&A) and payroll processes, which can lead to compliance risks and financial implications. 

One such company in the convenience retail and fuel industry, with a workforce of nearly 10,000 employees across 700+ locations, was grappling with these challenges. The company’s Board recognised the growing importance of payroll compliance when the negative media publicity around underpayments increased and sought professional assistance to identify and address the issues in their T&A and payroll processes. This is where our expertise came into play. 

As consultants engaged by the client, our primary objective was to conduct a thorough review of their T&A and payroll processes, as well as the interpretation of their two Modern Awards. We meticulously examined the existing practices and identified any gaps, risks, or shortcomings in their processes. This thorough analysis allowed us to formulate detailed recommendations to mitigate these issues and improve compliance. 

To facilitate better understanding and transparency, we documented the gaps between the client’s incumbent T&A system and their processes and award interpretation. Based on this gap analysis, we proposed replacing the existing T&A system, presenting a high-level plan and a compelling business case to support this decision. A modern and robust T&A system would enable the client to address not only the identified gaps but also future-proof their payroll processes. 

Additionally, we recognised the need for clear and easily understandable interpretations of the client’s two Modern Awards. By translating the complex legal language into ‘plain English’ using our proprietary Agreement Visualisation, we empowered the client to comprehend and apply the awards accurately. This simplification not only benefited the client’s internal payroll team but also provided clarity to franchisees and ensured compliance across the organisation. 

Moreover, we assisted the client in selecting a real-time payroll compliance solution. This cutting-edge tool would proactively identify potential compliance issues, allowing the client to take corrective measures in real-time. By leveraging this solution, the client would not only improve their compliance posture but also position themselves as an industry frontrunner in payroll compliance. This move had the potential to enhance the company’s reputation and build trust among employees, stakeholders, and regulatory bodies. 

As a result of our collaborative efforts and expertise, the client witnessed significant benefits. Firstly, they began the process of uplifting their payroll compliance posture by addressing the gaps and risks identified during our review. This proactive approach ensured that employees were paid accurately and in compliance with relevant labour laws, minimising the risk of legal penalties and disputes. 

Furthermore, the implementation of the payroll compliance tool, carefully selected with our assistance, positioned the client as an industry leader in payroll compliance. By detecting and rectifying compliance issues in real-time, the client demonstrated their commitment to fair and accurate pay practices, reinforcing their reputation as a responsible employer. 

Lastly, acting upon our recommendation to replace the T&A system allowed the client to address critical gaps and risks that couldn’t be resolved through process changes alone. By investing in a modern T&A system, the client equipped themselves with a powerful tool to streamline payroll processes, improve accuracy, and enhance overall efficiency. 

Our engagement with the convenience retail and fuel industry client to improve payroll compliance proved to be a significant turning point for their organisation. Through our detailed review, recommendations, and implementation support, the client successfully addressed compliance gaps, improved their payroll processes, and established a robust foundation for accurate and fair employee compensation. By leveraging innovative solutions and simplifying complex interpretations, the client not only achieved regulatory compliance but also positioned themselves as an industry leader in payroll compliance, ensuring employee satisfaction and trust. 

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