In an ever-evolving digital space, businesses are perpetually on the lookout for strategies that can enhance efficiency, mitigate risks, and streamline operations. One area that frequently requires significant attention is time & attendance (T&A) management. In this blog, we delve into the intriguing case of a large public utilities company based in Queensland, Australia, and how we at Payroll Experts Australia (PEA) played an instrumental role in transforming their outdated, manual T&A processes. 

The Challenge: Outdated, Manual Processes 

Our client, a major public utilities company employing over 800 people, was struggling with antiquated, manual payroll processes for managing time and attendance. These processes were not only labour-intensive but also posed a considerable compliance risk, making them a substantial liability. Recognising these challenges, the client made a strategic decision to implement a new T&A system, hoping it would bring about much-needed change. 

The Intervention: Expertise and Detailed Analysis 

Once the client had selected the new system, they engaged PEA, seeking our Business Analyst support as part of the large implementation project team. Our role was multifaceted and involved: 

  • Documenting detailed As-Is and To-Be models: We began by meticulously documenting the current state of the client’s payroll processes and then outlining the desired future state, all in sync with the client’s overarching business framework. 
  • Developing change management plans: Recognising that change, especially at an organisational level, can be challenging, we developed comprehensive change management plans to guide the transition. 
  • Verifying testing cases and outcomes: To ensure the efficacy and accuracy of the new system, we conducted thorough verification of testing cases and outcomes. 
  • Analysing reporting requirements: We analysed the reporting requirements in the current state and projected those into the future state to ensure continuity and improvement in information flow. 

When the project took a turn away from the initially selected T&A system due to it not being fit for purpose, we swiftly adapted and developed an Options Paper and Business Requirements Specification to guide the transition. 

The Pivot: Navigating Change 

As our engagement neared its end, the client made the decision to sever ties with the initial T&A vendor. This decision was largely informed by our detailed analysis, which revealed that implementing the chosen solution would have led to significant manual process impacts within operations. This crucial pivot was enabled by our in-depth, analytical approach, which highlighted the potential pitfalls before the company found itself in a problematic situation. 

The Outcome: A Future-Ready Approach 

The engagement with Payroll Experts Australia has positioned the organisation to explore a new project that supports all aspects of the payroll function within the business. This includes rostering, time and attendance, and payroll calculation. Our involvement has empowered them to fully implement a solution that is fit for purpose both now and into the future. 

Our work with this company underscores the critical importance of thorough analysis and expert guidance when implementing new systems. As businesses continue to navigate the complexities of modern operations, the role of payroll experts in ensuring smooth transitions cannot be underestimated. It’s a testament to the power of strategic analysis, proactive planning, and expert insight in transforming business processes. 

Ready for a Transformational Journey? 

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