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At Payroll Experts Australia we understand the importance of accurate and compliant payroll for your business. That’s why we are proud to introduce our Payroll Remediation service. With our legal team’s expertise in Award interpretation and our payroll data analysis, we can analyse your interpretation and identify any underpayments and calculate the correct entitlements for your employees. Our comprehensive remediation service ensures transparency and resolution and can also include any implementation of Fair Work enforceable undertakings, giving you peace of mind and ensuring fair practices for your workforce. Trust us to handle your Payroll Remediation with precision and integrity. 

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Understanding Common Payroll Challenges

Managing payroll can be a complex task, and businesses often face common challenges. These include ensuring compliance with ever-changing payroll regulations, accurately calculating wages and entitlements, addressing underpayments, and maintaining data accuracy. Additionally, keeping up with Enterprise Agreements, payroll audits, and ongoing monitoring can be time-consuming. 

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Why is Payroll Remediation necessary?

Payroll Remediation is necessary to address underpayments and ensure compliance with minimum pay rates and entitlements for employees. By conducting Award interpretation, comparing payroll data, and calculating underpayment amounts, the service identifies and resolves all incorrect payments. It provides all necessary information and data to rectify all underpayments within scope, allowing businesses to take corrective actions, maintain employee confidence, and uphold fair and compliant payroll practices.

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What does our Payroll Remediation service cover?

Our Payroll Remediation service covers Award interpretation to determine accurate payment entitlements, tax compliance to ensure proper withholding and reporting, superannuation review for compliance with obligations, record keeping ensuring organised payroll records, underpayment calculations to identify and address discrepancies, and a comprehensive plan to transparently inform and advise affected employees about historical payroll issues. Trust us to handle your payroll remediation needs with expertise and precision, ensuring fair and compliant practices for your workforce. 

Award Interpretation

We utilise our extensive knowledge of Awards and our Agreement Visualisation Service to determine what your organisation’s employees were entitled to be paid. By carefully analysing the relevant Award provisions, we ensure that your employees receive the correct minimum pay rates and entitlements. This helps to rectify any discrepancies between the payment methodologies used and the actual requirements outlined in the Awards. Our meticulous Award interpretation ensures compliance and fair compensation for your workforce. 

Underpayments Calculation

We compare the data of what has been paid against the minimum pay rates and entitlements that were required for each employee. By identifying any discrepancies between the processed payments and entitlements, we calculate the underpayment dollar value for each employee. This meticulous calculation process ensures that any underpayments are accurately determined and can be rectified. Our goal is to ensure fair and compliant practices by addressing and resolving any wage underpayment issues within your organisation. 

Tax Compliance

We understand the importance of adhering to tax regulations and ensuring accurate withholding and reporting. Our team will review your data to identify any potential tax compliance issues, such as incorrect tax calculations or misclassification of employees. We will rectify these issues, ensuring that your organisation is compliant with tax laws and regulations. By addressing tax compliance concerns, we help mitigate any potential risks and ensure that your payroll operations align with the necessary tax requirements. 


The Payroll Remediation can also extend to superannuation compliance. We know the significance of meeting superannuation guarantee obligations for your employees. Our team will review your payroll systems and data to pinpoint any discrepancies or errors in superannuation payments. We will rectify these issues, ensuring that the correct superannuation contributions are made for each employee. By addressing superannuation compliance concerns, we help ensure that your organisation meets its legal obligations and provides employees with the appropriate superannuation entitlements. Our expertise in superannuation calculations and regulations ensures accurate and compliant superannuation payments. 


Our team will assist in reviewing and organising your payroll records to ensure compliance with record-keeping requirements. We will help discern any gaps or inconsistencies in your record-keeping practices and provide guidance on how to improve them. By ensuring proper record-keeping, we help you maintain a reliable audit trail, facilitate accurate reporting, and demonstrate compliance with relevant regulations and obligations.

Communications Plan for your Employees

Our team will assist your organisation and payroll team in creating a communication plan that effectively addresses the situation, ensuring clarity and understanding among the employees. We will provide guidance on the appropriate messaging, channels, and timing to ensure that the communication plan is executed smoothly. By facilitating open and transparent communication, we aim to build trust and maintain positive relationships with your workforce throughout the remediation process. 

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Is ongoing support provided after the Payroll Remediation service?

We can provide additional support after a Payroll Remediation, should you choose the option, as we know that this is just one step in the journey of maintaining an accurate and compliant payroll. Our team can be available to assist with any additional questions or concerns that may arise. We can provide guidance on best practices, offer advice on payroll system implementation, payroll management, and address any further issues that may arise. Our goal is to ensure that your organisation and payroll team continues to maintain a fair and compliant payroll function even after the remediation process is complete. 

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How to get started with our Payroll Remediation services?

Getting started with our Payroll Remediation services is simple. Reach out to our team at Payroll Experts Australia, and we will guide you through the process. We will begin by understanding your specific payroll challenges and requirements. Our experts will then conduct a thorough analysis of your payroll data and processes. Based on our findings, we will develop a tailored remediation plan to address any underpayments and compliance issues. Trust us to handle your payroll remediation needs with expertise and precision, ensuring fair and compliant practices for your workforce. 

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Payroll Remediation FAQs

What are common payroll issues that may require remediation

Common payroll issues that may require remediation include underpayments, wage discrepancies, non-compliance with minimum pay rates and entitlements, errors in Award interpretation, inaccurate tax calculations, superannuation payment discrepancies, and record-keeping deficiencies. These issues can arise due to complex payroll processes, changing regulations, human error, or an outdated payroll system. Our service is designed to address these issues, ensuring fair and compliant practices while rectifying any discrepancies or risk and providing valuable insights to improve your payroll function.

How do I know if my company needs Payroll Remediation?

If you suspect or have identified potential payroll errors, underpayments, or non-compliance with minimum pay rates and entitlements, your company may need Payroll Remediation. Other indicators include concerns about data accuracy, Payroll Compliance Audit findings, or employee complaints regarding wage discrepancies. Our team at Payroll Experts Australia can conduct a thorough review of your payroll operations to determine if remediation is necessary. Contact us to gain valuable insights and expert guidance on addressing any payroll issues within your organisation.

Your Title Goes HereHow long does the Payroll Remediation process take?

The duration of the service can vary depending on the complexity and scale of the payroll issues within your organisation. Factors such as the number of employees, the extent of underpayments, the availability of the payroll team, and the accuracy of payroll data can impact the timeline. Our team at Payroll Experts Australia will work efficiently to complete the process as quickly as possible while ensuring accuracy and compliance. We will provide you with a realistic timeframe based on the specific circumstances of your Payroll Remediation project. 

Will my employees be informed about Payroll Remediation?

Yes, as part of our Payroll Remediation service, we prioritise transparent communication with your employees. We will assist your organisation in developing a communication plan to inform and advise the relevant employees about the historical payroll issues. This plan will outline the details of the process, the steps being taken to rectify any wage remediation, and the timeline for resolution. Our goal is to ensure that your employees are kept informed throughout the process to maintain transparency and build trust. 

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